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The process of capturing lyrical and instrumental audio as well as any other possible sound or playback media you can think of. This process is often referred to as “Tracking.” It is an absolutely critical step in any audio recording production. Through our microphone selection and placement, analog preamplifier and outboard selection, rock solid Analog-to-Digital Conversion and recording methods within our acoustically treated rooms, we will get it right at the source and deliver recorded audio on a professional level. Opposed to a “we’ll just fix it in post” mentality, we will provide a strong and efficient working relationship with the talent to encourage the best performances possible in a fun, positive, and enlightening manner.Tracks captured at Beyond Audio yield results that will mix into an outstanding audio production of any sort. Our console and collection of outboard effects, pedals, and reamplifiers allow us to track or “print” unique stereo effects live, and independent of their source. This allows the talent the option of “playing into” the effect in real time to achieve their own unique sound. Tracking this independently provides for optional use of this recorded effect in the mix. The talent is of course onsite for the tracking process. We pride ourselves on having recorded talent from across Wisconsin, the midwest, and various other states across the USA. With hotel accomodations just blocks away, Beyond Audio Recording can provide recording services for guests from near and far.  

Beyond Audio Recording provides complete video services for any event. Need a projector for your small business meeting? We have many different sized projectors and screens that will fit any room. Need projectors for your large-scale event? We can help you there too.

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Your content has been recorded, edited, and prepared to mix. Mixing is the process of sculpting, molding, and massaging sounds together into a cohesive product. It is a combination of balance, methods and technique, and a bit of artistic creativity. We strategically route individual DAW tracks and buses to our analog console for our mixdowns. The hybrid digital and analog workflow allows for ease of Pro Tools processing, plug-in functionality, automation and recallability as well as analog eq and dynamics processing, routing to outboard effects, and analog summing. We strive to deliver mixes that not only have a wide left and right stereo image, but also have a depth to them, front and back. They bring out the emotion of a performance, and give the audio a movement that is thick and heavy on the bottom, warm in the mids, and sparkling on the top. Our finished mixes will meet industry standard levels, suitable for mastering. Whether the session content spans a mere handful of tracks or hundreds of tracks, we can be of service. Utilizing modern digital file sharing services, we can mix audio content for talent from anywhere across the globe.

The importance of good audio can’t be overlooked.

You want your event to sound its best. So do we! That’s why we provide top quality sound reinforcement.



Mastering is the final phase in the creation of a stereo audio production. During this phase, the mix receives its final balance, and dynamic range (the difference between the loudest and quietest moments in time during playback) as the mix is brought up to its final playback volume, suitable for the intended playback medium. Another portion of this process includes putting the final collection of mastered content into a listed order, and placing track names and other metadata into the final mastered files. We utilize both the digital and analog domain while mastering, and can master for sources including music streaming sites, CD, podcasting, Ebook read aloud streaming, and Vinyl. As with mixing, we can utilize online digital file sharing services to master content for talent from anywhere across the globe.

Beyond Audio Recording offers many types of equipment packages, including LED’s that add a special, memorable touch to your wedding or event. Perfect for wall washing and stage accents, our LED fixtures can be programmed to many different colors without the use of controllers, and in most cases, without the use of a dedicated technician.

Beyond Audio Recording

Other Services

Editing is used to alter a performance, tighten and tune individual performances, remove unwanted or unnecessary sections of audio, and more.

Beyond Audio can provide exclusively custom beats and house. The talent can come track samples, vocals and/or live instrumentation into these sessions as needed. The sky’s the limit. The beat mixes can also be delivered electronically as 2-track stereo mixes, or in multiple stereo stems for talent both near and far..

From drums and percussion, bass, and guitar to piano, keys, strings, woodwinds, brass, world instruments, and vocalists of various ranges and genres, Beyond Audio can provide and record session musicians for your next project.

A stem refers to a subgroup of audio tracks combined together. If you send a session as several mixed groups of audio tracks, “stems,” we are still able to process those groups and shape them into a final mix or master. If desired, we can also process the stems and send them back, still as separate stems with our processing applied.

Sure, we can receive your di tracks and run them through a collection of guitar or bass amps, but we can also do so much more. A little drum reverb or delay movement, a stereo tremolo pedal on a vocal part, something exotic, a bit of analog grit, or full-blown distortion on anything, like a blendable saxophone track, no problem. We’ll make sure the reamped tracks are aligned as necessary and send it all back to you!

If you need a professional recording of an eBook read, you have come to the right place. We can track, edit, mix, and master for various eRead streaming sites. We are a one-stop-shop for eBooks. Need to record a voice over for speech, seminar, trade show, radio commercial, digital advertisement, or video? We can accommodate with hospitality and production, providing results you can count on.

Have an idea for a digital podcast? Whether an individual person or small group, we have the professional audio tools and acoustically treated rooms to provide you a professional sound for your listeners. We are also able to assist in any storyboarding and scripting upon request. Do you want the podcast filmed live while recording with us and need our live room back-dropped, lit, and staged? Let us know!.

Maybe you have an old live recording on cassette or vinyl that has been diminished with the times? With our restoration tools we can digitize your content and clean up your audio. We can also restore poor sounding or unintelligible audio preserved as evidence for a court proceeding. This could include security camera audio or speech recorded on a cellular phone, etc.

If you have some vinyl albums you would like transferred onto a CD or an MP3 so you can bluetooth it in your vehicle and retain a digital copy, we can certainly make this happen. We are also able to transfer cassettes in the same way.

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