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About the company

Beyond Audio Recording is a hybrid sound recording and production studio in West Bend, Wisconsin. Its very existence stems from the passion, and vision of Jason Otto. A graduate of the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in Tempe, AZ, Jason wanted to create an opportunity for local musicians, creative minds, and anyone in need of high-quality audio to receive high-level service right in the local community of West Bend. Since its inception in 2015, Beyond Audio Recording has continued to grow its services and client offerings. We utilize cutting-edge digital technology as well as tried-and-true analog methods to sculpt our studio sound. Efficient, creative, and communicative; the company is driven to deliver high quality results that exceed customer expectations, anywhere around the globe. 

About The Engineers​

The technology team at Beyond Audio Recording includes a special group of highly-trained and professional technicians. Each team member has been carefully selected to operate independently and strive above the rest. Our team is often hired to assist in the largest shows in the state because they are the best at what they do. Our team is professional, always dressed appropriately, prompt, courteous, and in general, wonderful assets to your project.



Jason is a professional Audio Recording Engineer, Sound Editor, and Mixer. His passion for all things audio recording shines throughout his work with musical artists and groups of all genres, independent singer/songwriters, and eBook narrators/voice over talent. He enjoys making the recording process a memorable experience that conceptualizes the talent’s visions and exceeds expectations. Taking a hands-on approach true to his roots of education in analog methods, Jason embraces expansive hybrid recording capability using analog hardware throughout his recording and mixing workflows. He is a fan of the analog equipment of today and that of many years past for the unique and characteristic sonic imprints yielded, but he also utilizes the efficiency of todays’ digital technology. As a Digi-Design Certified Pro Tools Engineer, Jason has over 19 years of experience in the Pro Tools DAW. Playing the drums since age 11 and picking up the bass at 18, he has played in original bands ranging from Metal and Hard Rock to Soulful Rock n’ Roll, to more intimate acoustic groups. He is a fan of all music, especially Rock n’ Roll throughout the ages. He enjoys going out to see live music on regional and local levels both near home and while traveling domestically and abroad. His experiences and understanding of music and love for all genres combined with his friendly and approachable nature and his technical recording knowledge, professionalism, and capabilities make Jason an asset to any recording or mixing project he is involved with.



Devon Aviles is an experienced Producer, Audio Engineer, Artist, Musician, and Instructor, with 24 years of experience and growing. From a young age he found a passion for writing and making his own recordings. He has worked with local artists as an Engineer and Producer in the greater Phoenix, Los Angeles, New York, and Milwaukee areas. He has spent time DJ’ing electronic music in Hollywood warehouses and teaching electronic music production and sound design at Dubspot in Manhattan. He is an avid fan of all types of music and fluent in various genres from electronic music to rap, trap, to grunge, metal and old-fashioned Rock n’ Roll. Devon has a penchant for analog gear and enjoys the analog realm in combination with his experience in the digital world of audio. He seeks to help creators achieve their artistic goals and create new soundscapes for their fans to enjoy. Whether pushing the boundaries or giving the listeners what they want, he’ll make it happen.

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